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Established in 2020, we are prominent wholesale traders, suppliers, retailers and wholesalers of Honey, Nuts & Spices, and Flours. Our products are extremely well-liked by patrons owing to their superior quality, flavor, aroma and a long shelf life. At SNB General Trading products are sourced by proficient procurers from reliable sellers of market. Furthermore, our products undergo a number of quality checks.

Under the guidance of Mr. SREEKUMAR VADAKKEDATH we have been maintaining goodwill with our patrons. It is his vision to be the most trusted and reliable provider of spices and other condiments. His decision-making skills and motivating persona have helped us in engaging the assurance and faith of a large number of patrons within a short time-span.


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With consumers journeying the world through their taste buds, the universe of Spices, Nuts & Honey has expanded and there is an increased demand for new flavors, spice and sweet. People are going beyond the average store bought variety and are settling in for customization. An increase in awareness and the influence of global trend on Indian foodscape are fueling the growth and demand for the high quality, well sourced products. At SNB, we want to meet this growing, dynamic demand with years of expertise in sourcing and procuring unmarred grades of Honey, Nuts & Spices.


Dates are basically a tropical fruit which is grown on date palm trees. It's scientifically known as phoenix Dactylifera and is one of the healthiest fruits around the world. The fruits are packed with a lot of essential vitamins and other nutrients that can be extremely helpful to your overall health. The fiber content in dates is extremely high, this can be highly beneficial to people who are suffering from health issues caused due to irregular bowel movements.


Cashew nuts are also filled with copper and proanthocyanidins which are responsible for preventing cancer. It is free from cholesterol and also provides essential nutrients to boost the heart's functioning, Cashew has good fats, which are recommended for a healthy body. Cashew nuts are extracted from the fruits of the cashew tree. They are rich in fatty acids, iron, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and copper.




Pistachio has high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and potassium. Both have antioxidant and anti- inflammatory traits. Pistachio can lower your chances of cardiovascular disease. Pistachios are rusting with the fiber, minerals, and unsaturated fat that can help keep your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check.


Walnuts are primarily made up of protein and polyunsaturated fat. They contain a relatively high percentage of omega-3 fat, which has been linked to various health benefits. Walnuts are one of the tastiest nuts that reduce bad cholesterol and improve metabolism. It is recommended for diabetes patients and comes with anti-inflammatory properties. These are the best to fight against cancer.


Almonds are very popular tree nuts. Almonds are high in healthy monounsaturated fats; fiber, protein and various important nutrients. Almonds are extensively healthy and are embraced worldwide. They aid in digestion help manage diabetes, and better dental health. They also improve skin and hair condition.


Cardamom may help lower blood pressure, most likely due to its antioxidant and diuretic properties. Cardamom is an essential herb we add to plenty of recipes. Certain compounds in cardamom may fight cancer and stop the growth of tumors in mice and test tubes. It helps with digestion, reduces heartburn, and intestinal spasms.




Cloves are low in calories but a rich source of manganese. They are otherwise an insignificant source of nutrients. Add cloves to food so that it improves digestion, protects liver, regulates blood sugar, improves immunity, and offers many more. Cloves have high antioxidant content and help reduce stress.


Cinnamon is not just a taste enhancer for your recipe, but it also is much known for its medicinal properties such as high antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and also powerful medicinal properties. It comes with high antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It lowers blood sugar and reduces heart risk.


Pepper does much to your food that salt cannot! It is one of the taste enhancers that aids weight loss and comes with antibacterial properties. Pepper is also known to improve digestion and stimulate the stomach. This stimulates digestion and its antibacterial nature, therefore helps to cure cold and cough.

Star Anise

Star Anise is a sweet spice that makes your recipe look and taste good. It comes with antioxidants. It fights bacteria, reduces fungal issues, boosts heart health, works like a natural flu fighter, and regulates blood sugar. Click to order quality Star Anise imported from Vietnam.


Nutmegs are spices that enhance the taste of your food and give you plenty of health benefits. It is used to improve oral health, promote digestion, relieve pain and fight insomnia. Nutmeg is an antioxidant that fights cancer and treats kidney issues..



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